Education/School Psychologist

Current License (if applicable):
Missouri School Psych Examiner k-12

(if applicable): Master’s Special Education and Educational Diagnostician

put the roles/responsibilities of an Academic Evaluator as it the closest match
to a School Psychological Examiner. )

1.       Collaborate
and support the school psychologists throughout the evaluation process to
ensure appropriate communication is established between all team members.

2.       Administer
relevant academic assessments, as needed, to provide additional data and
understanding of the whole child.

3.       Responsible
for coordinating the evaluation process

    • Send parents appropriate documents in accordance with
      District Policy and IDEA regarding Notice of Meetings, Consent to
      Evaluate, etc.
    • Determine meeting date and time and communicate with
      all team members to ensure availability prior to sending out the Notice
      of Meeting.
    • Provide documents, such as teacher interview forms
      and paper parent interview forms, and rating scale forms (when