Education/School Psychologist

Covering 2 Schools

Job Title – School Psychologist
Job Qualifications
Certified by the SC Department of Education as a School Psychologist Level II or III.
Minimum of 60 graduate credit hours including a year-long internship.
Job Goal
A school psychologist’s job responsibility includes, but is not limited to, consultation; participation in student assistance teams; psychoeducational assessment; facilitation of multidisciplinary conferences; development of programs; participation in and conduction of district in-service meetings; and other tasks that support the educational success of the school district’s students.
Job Functions
Provides effective consultation services to school personnel and parents (I.e. observation; review of records, teacher conference, parent conference, student interview, etc.)
Conducts comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations (administers and interprets instruments in accordance with the “Criteria for Entry into Special Education for Students with Disabilities”.)
Prepares psychological reports for individual students.
Recommends effective intervention strategies as appropriate.
Participates effectively in building and district level team meetings.
Makes program recommendations for Individualized Education Plans (IEP’s) in coordination with the placement team.
Makes on-site visits to out-of-district placement locations as a member of the multidisciplinary team to assist in determining program needs for special education students (i.e. Tara Hall, Willowglen, etc.)
Instructs school personnel in proper referral procedures in the determination of a student’s eligibility for special services and/or related services.
Remains up to date with new developments in the field and acts as a resource for school personnel.
Assists with in-service training of school personnel.
Assists in the development of individualized behavioral plans for students.
Conferences with teachers and parents.
Conducts home visits and/or on-site visits for those students referred for other exceptionalities (i.e. preschool, autism).
Reviews transfer records and assists schools in making interim placements for students with identified disabilities.
Performs other duties within general scope of the position as assigned by the Director of Special Services.